There has been a big push in the world to be more health conscience. The radio field is not exactly known for being on the health bandwagon, since we're associated with being in studios and not having the most physical of jobs.

There used to be a time when I'd come into our station and donuts would be in our lounge on a daily basis. However, lately when there is a dozen donuts laid out, they haven't exactly been devoured like we used to.

Case in point, we had 12 donuts on Tuesday that were day-old, that was reduced to four left by the end of the day yesterday when they were two-day-old donuts. This morning, I couldn't believe I found three. Yep, that makes it three-day-old donuts.

I love a great fresh donut for sure, but you can easily see why donut shops don't sell them past day-old. They were stuck together, the icing was caked solid and if we threw them on the ground, it would probably shatter. Donuts do not age like a fine wine.