Sedalia, MO (11/23/15) - Winchester Meadows was rated deficiency free by the Department of Health and Senior Services for the second time in a row. The survey is conducted unannounced to retirement communities in conjunction with the its licensing renewal process. A deficiency free survey means that all the services provided at the facility meet or exceed all state and federal standards. Only 1.8 percent of retirement communities earn this status.

The Department of Health and Senior Services has strict guidelines they uphold while rigorously examining a community.

“They dissect all aspects of a retirement community’s operations, such as looking through residents’ medical charts and observe medication administration to make sure treatments and injections are performed correctly and given properly,” states Winchester Meadow’s Administrator, Rhonda Gaylord.

The Department of Health also monitors meal preparation and food storage procedures, noting how food is stored. Another key aspect of their inspection is to check employee files to ensure the retirement community is in compliance with all state-requirements for background checks, hiring practices and proper TB test and physical records.

Winchester Meadows’ high level of care and service prevailed with a clean bill of health! The retirement community was given a perfect score on its quality of care, safety, administration, food service, nursing care and patient rights.

“We take pride in the service we provide. Our staff has an unyielding commitment to the care of our residents, and we work hard to meet their needs with compassion and dedication,” states Gaylord. “This award is a true testament to the high standard and quality of care we provide daily to our residents.”

(Courtesy of Winchester Meadows)