Happy Humpday to you and yours! Yesterday, our web guy Sam, Rob and I had a discussion about gas prices. Sam lived in Montana before making his way back to Missouri, and of course, Rob just moved here from Michigan. Missouri has some of the lowest gas prices out of any state in America, but that doesn't mean I can't complain about filling up my gas tank.

I need a means of transportation that doesn't cost me a dime. I have always wanted to have world class speed. Last week during the Missouri State Fair would have been perfect with all the traffic in town. Everyone is able to run, the only thing that varies is the speed people run at. It would be useful to be fast in almost every aspect of life, but there would still be objects in your way that you would need to go around.

I think everyone has had the dream to fly. From the first time you watched a cartoon and saw a superhero soar through the air, we've all wanted to do that. You wouldn't have to worry about any objects, you could fly right over them.

Of course, I'm not going to give you an option that easy, its never that easy. Would you rather run fast at 50 mph or fly at a slow speed of 5 mph?

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