Welcome to "Would You Rather Wednesday." Last time we had a special edition Fourth of July "Would you Rather." Fifty-five percent of you would rather give it your all in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest than spend the 4th of July weekend eating only saltine crackers and drinking water while still attending all of your social events.

I was recently out at a Sedalia Bombers baseball game and I was asked by someone, why I don't do painful "would you rather" questions. So, I decided to come up with one both men and women can relate to.

Most men shave their face every once in a while, some jobs even require you to now.  Of course, women and their beauty routines, we don't even have to go there.

I think one of the most painful things would be inflicting pain on your mouth, it prevents you from talking, eating, and drinking.

So, would you rather lick a cactus until it was smooth or shave using an angry porcupine?  Tell us in our poll!