"So you would want a webcam installed at your husbands work?" That was my response to a topic that came up over the weekend. One female chatting with her friends came up with the theory that men probably act completely different at work than they do at home.

I'm not married, so it's tough for me to relate to the relationship between husband and wife. This particular woman wanted a webcam installed at her husband's work in order to watch what he does, similar to the pet webcam at some of the dog kennel's to check up on your pet during a vacation.

I started thinking about why this woman would want to watch her husband at work all day. Did she hear about a rumor, did they just hire a young girl, or does he complain about work? As a guy, the only thing I would be concerned about was what she wore to work. Most men probably see what their wife wears, unless they leave for work earlier than her or work out of town.

I wanted to know from our listeners: would you support a webcam being installed at your significant other's work place where you can watch the feed on the internet, or do you not care what they do at work and are not interested in watching them?