Not one, not two, but six $1 million Powerball tickets were sold at the same QuikTrip gas station located in Glendale, Arizona.

Only one person has come forward thus far to claim their ticket and therein lies the source of a difference of opinion between lottery officials and the owner of the establishment that sold the tickets.

Arizona Lottery official Karen Bach said, “What we do know is these are not Quick Pick tickets. They are individually selected numbers on a play slip or, in this case, multiple play slips.” She said that this is a rare situation, but that it’s legitimate.

Apparently, the manager of QuikTrip thinks differently. He said one man bought six tickets with five identical numbers.

“We can’t speculate,” Bach said. “We do not know who has those tickets in their possession. Until we have them we have no way of knowing.”

QuikTrip will pull in $30,000 as part of its share of the earnings once all of the tickets are claimed.

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