Guys, I don't know about you, but I feel like I don't eat Mexican food enough.That might sound like blasphemy, I know.  But I don't really eat it that often now that I'm cooking for myself.  And I can't really convince myself to go out and get food that often, since it's just me.  BUT.  This year, Cinco De Mayo is here, and it's gonna be great.  So I did my bestest by scouring the internet to find some places you can go this year for some tasty grub.

Now like I say, this is just me trying my best to find stuff on the internet.  When I originally got this together, it was too early to call most places.  So a lot of this is from their social media presences. So if I get something wrong, please, correct me, but kindly,  if you don't mind.  I didn't mess it up on purpose. 

Here are ten places you can choose from to go to right here in Sedville if you want to get out and Celebrate Cinco De Mayo. These are in no particular order, by the way.

Los Volcanoes.

They're over on Sixteenth Street, right across catty corner from Walter's Barber Shop. They don't quite look like this anymore, because they did a nifty remodel.

They'll stay open til about 9 and it looks like if you call em up you can do big orders in advance. I don't know how much notice they'll need for tonight, though. (660) 951-1098. A Facebook review from Jessica says: "Amazing! Had the chicken burrito and steak fries. The strawberry chimichanga was to die for."

El Tapatio.

They're not too far from us, 3000 South Limit Avenue. I'm sure you've been there a dozen times or so, just like me.  They've been around for a long time and it's because people keep going back when something is tasty.

And according to their Facebook, they're doing a big Cinco De Mayo party.

Join us Thursday. Food and Drink Specials ALL DAY and to top it off, we have Mariachi Nuevo Guachinango from Iowa joining us and playing all afternoon. Who is READY for the Fiesta? See you Thursday…… Please share this post Amigos.

La Colmena.

attachment-la colmena

La Colmena is primarily known as a sweet shop, selling ice cream and Mexican candies.  Sounds like it would be a great place to go for dessert!  They're over by the railroad tracks on Ohio. (660) 221-4465.

Tacos Degollado.

attachment-tacos degollado

They're over at 813 Thompson Boulevard, (660) 951-1045.  They don't say they're doing anything special for the holiday on their social media, but Lisa's review on line was positive: "The street tacos are really good! The restaurant décor is very nice as well."

Tacos El Arca.

attachment-tacos el arca

This is actually a taco truck, so you've probably seen them around at different events like the Street Food Throw Down.  I know when I used to work in the area, nothing hit the spot like a few ace chicken tacos.  And man... if they don't make a mean taco. They didn't say they were doing anything for CDM, but they are celebrating their two year anniversary this week! (660) 473-2854.

Taqueria Y Panaderia Morelos.

attachment-taqueria y pandaderia morelos

They're over on 16th, in the 100 block on the East side of 16th. Looks like they have an amazing bakery, not just a restaurant. They do want to note there is another similar sounding place that's giving a false number and saying they're closed. They're not, so if you can't make it by yourself, you can always call them directly at 660 851-2700 and 660 619-1781.

Tacos El Charro.

attachment-tacos el charro

You've probably popped in here a few times for lunch over the years, 2121 West Broadway. One cool thing you might not remember is that they have a drive though - you can just call ahead, go pick it up at the drive thru and be on your way! (660)553-5206.

Taqueria El Costeño

attachment-Taqueria El Costeño

This one is a little bit further down 16th, headed towards Horace Mann. There's a Mexican Grocery store there, but don't be fooled.  Now one thing is that the restaurant is IN the market, so if you think it's just a grocery store, think again!  I couldn't find a shot of the market/restaurant itself, and, again, it's early when I'm writing this, not necessarily when you're reading it.  Darkness makes for not great photos. Sorry.

Taqueria Santa Cruz.

attachment-taqueria santa cruz

They're over on Main Street, in the old Little Big Horn Building.  They're celebrating their fifth anniversary on Cinco De Mayo this year!  They're doing a big giveaway of TVs, a blender, knives, a hand mixer set, etc. (660) 221-4741 for more information on that.

El Espolon. 

You've been there, I've been there.  It's been around for years.

Google Maps
Google Maps

They've been around forever for a reason, it's delicious, dagnabbit. I didn't see that they're doing anything specific for Cinco De Mayo online, but maybe somebody just didn't update the Facebook page or something. No big deal.  You can always just call em at 660 829 1723.  I'm sure they've got a cold one ready for ya'll.

Anyway, I hope you guys have fun and get some good grub for the holiday.  You've certainly got your pick of great places to go!  Let me know in the comments which ones are your favorites!

Mayoingly yours,


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