Apparently all the talk a few years ago about the world coming to an end were real after all. I've just read that there will be some serious shortages of the best things in life.... so if you can bear it, read on.   Bourbon

Some think the impending bourbon shortage announced by Buffalo Trace earlier this year is nothing but a marketing ploy to drive up prices and demand, but a spokesperson for the company recently told Business Insider that the shortage is real, because while production hasn't increased, consumption has.  It still takes years age bourbon, and we're sucking it up too quickly.

Beef and Pork

This one hits me right in the gut.  Yes, the pork shortage will mean.... our precious bacon will be super expensive.  Aside from increased demand, a pig-killing virus and higher feed costs have been causing the bacon and pork price hike. Higher feed prices are also affecting beef prices.


Apparently all this talk of avocados being a super food have made demand go way up.  I just want some guac, man.


Well, this is just getting depressing. Top chocolate manufacturers have warned of a cocoa shortage - it's mainly due to drought.

Air Travel

Fuel prices have been falling, but while airlines are paying less for jet fuel... they know you know that, so you're going to travel more and therefore, they're going to charge you more.  It's a cycle.  A dangerous, sad cycle.


Apparently something about the good job numbers makes hotel prices go up? Who knew.

FedEx and UPS Fees

FedEx and UPS are implementing dimensional weight pricing in 2015, meaning the price of all packages — not just those larger than three cubic feet — will be based on the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its weight. So that means that both Fed Ex and UPS are going up about 5%.


Last year, coffee prices were expected to drop, but a drought in Brazil — the world's largest grower of coffee — caused prices to increase among brands like Folgers, Dunkin' Donuts, Maxwell House, Gevalia, and Starbucks.

Olive Oil

Brazil and West Africa weren't the only areas affected by drought this past year. Italian olive growers have just weathered what they called the worst year in memory, so that means olive growing was down by almost 40%.

Some Sports Cars

If you were thinking of buying a car, keep in mind that some models for 2015 will be more expensive. For example, for the 2015 Ford Mustang, prices have increased by about $1,000.  'Course if you were going to buy me one, don't worry about that.

Redbox Rentals

As of January 6, the price of renting a video game from Redbox will increase from $2 to $3 per day. In December, Redbox raised DVD rentals by 30 cents to $1.50 per day, while Blu-Ray disc rentals increased by 50 cents to $2 per day.

Girl Scout Cookies

Before you start hoarding Thin Mints, relax — Prices of Girl Scout Cookies are set by each of the 112 Girl Scout councils across the country, so prices vary. But, San Francisco and Los Angeles Girl Scout troops have raised their prices to $5 a box.

Health Care

A new survey found that 85% of employers are implementing or considering increasing employee cost-sharing within the next three years, and 18% of employers now offer a high-deductible health plan as the only health insurance option for employees.

Now that I've depressed you all, let's go out and buy about seven tons of bacon.  I can turn my garage into a freezer, right?

Baconly yours,

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