Around 2-3 Tuesday (9/8) morning around 2-3, about 40 Veterans and their escorts loaded onto a bus to head for Kansas City and their destination, Washington D.C. These are Veterans from World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War.

Their day is full of adventure the moment they step off the bus in D.C. at The World War II Memorial. It is a beautiful monument with it's gray granite slabs with huge bronze wreaths. Then just down The Mall they arrive to check out the haunting Korean War Memorial. On the other side of The Mall at that end is also The Vietnam Memorial Wall. They also get a chance to check out The Lincoln Memorial while they are there. Then they load onto the bus once again and head over to Arlington National Cemetery. Here they head to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. They also get to experience the changing of the guard at this very quiet spot of Arlington, except for the click of the heels of the Sentinel Guard. Then they head back to the airport where they are greeted by well wishers and applause as they board the plane.

They were met with motorcycles, Highway Patrol, and The Pettis County Sheriff's Dept to escort  them the final few miles home.They were greeted by a great crowd to welcome them home 22 hours after their journey had started.

Thank you soldiers for doing your job and welcome home!