As the speaker sounded the end of summer swimming at Centennial Park Pool at 5:55 p.m., there were a line of dogs ready to take over the pool and take over.  Every type of dog from minis to large dogs made it out in the 90 degree heat to get the chance to cool off.

While many of the dogs, including the golden retrievers had no problems taking to water, some of the smaller dogs, such as my beagle, Pippa, had a difficult time adjusting.  I decided to take my kids and Pippa to the middle of the shallow end and see if she would get over this fear of the water.  For the most part she was a natural swimmer, but you could easily see she just wanted to be on land.  I invited our digital managing editor, Sam Schleicher too, and his dog, Lucky, was in about the same boat.  But it was great to see dogs chase after balls, frisbees, and even slide down the slides.

If you missed out on this doggie dive, the Liberty Park Pool will have one on Tuesday, September 4 at 6 p.m.

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