Teen leaders in the Missouri 4-H Healthy Habits program are promoting nutrition education and food access to under-served youths and families.

The program is supported by the National 4-H Council and the Walmart Foundation.

Teens and 4-H faculty in Jefferson and St. Louis counties recently put together 150 Healthy Habits kits with recipes and ingredients for clients of area service providers, including the Jefferson County Health Department, the Disability Resource Association, the Thomas Dunn Learning Center and Vitendo 4 Africa. Bags included recipes and ingredients for no-bake energy bites, stuffed apples and pineapple carrot muffins.

Before COVID-19, Healthy Habits teen educators had been teaching in-person classes on nutrition and healthy living. Now they’re spreading the word by creating videos, exercise cards and the Missouri 4-H Healthy Habits Cookbook.

Videos, recipes and exercises are highlighted each week on the Missouri 4-H Facebook page at facebook.com/missouri4h.

In the top photo: From left, nutrition specialist Leslie Bertsch, 4-H youth program associate Terry Olishile and 4-H field specialist Melissa Sheer put together Healthy Habits bags with recipes and ingredients.

In the bottom photo: State 4-H STEM specialist Amanda Meek stocks Healthy Habits bags.