I was reading an article recently and it said that 65% of Americans have a product in their home that they consider a "Cure-All".  That item that is your go-to whenever you get sick.  It always seems to do the trick.  So I got to thinking if there was one in my home growing up that was used when I was a child.  I think I found the answer.   Vicks VapoRub!

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Now this is not a plug for the product, but it does seem to check a lot of boxes that I can recall from my youth.  And with this Missouri weather seemingly changing on a daily basis, from warm 70 degree temperatures to freezing rain and people still getting colds, COVID, allergies, etc.  This item might need to be in your medicine cabinet.  If it isn't already.  Allow me to share some examples.

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Got a sore throat?  Rub some of that stuff on the throat and cover your throat with a scarf.  Or a handkerchief.

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Decongestant - Yep, that stuff on your chest and under each nostril certainly makes it a little easier to breathe.

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I didn't know this one, but I have been told it works.  If you rub it on your feet and cover your feet with socks, it can help with coughs.  Seriously.

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We know the stuff works for sore muscles and it can help with headaches, if you rub a little on your temples and forehead.  Your dog may not like the smell, but they will get used to it.

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If you have an earache, put some of that on a cotton ball to help relieve the pain. It also works on cracked heels, acne, cold sores, and nail fungus on your toes and fingers.

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One more reason to have it, mosquitos.  A touch of this will keep them away when the warmer months come.  Worth a try.  Got any home remedies we should know about? Feel free to share.  Maybe a hot toddy recipe?

So if you are still battling various ailments, perhaps having one of these in your home will do the trick.  I am Tim Thomas, and I am just here to help!

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