If Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House, this guy will be one happy camper.

Meet Jerry, a 93-year-old man who has such a passion for Clinton that he wrote a song for her to use on the campaign trail. According to the YouTube description, Jerry tried to reach out to Clinton's camp, to no avail:

A year ago he composed a campaign song for Hillary, recorded it on a “compact disc,” and mailed it to her campaign team. He sadly never heard from her. Because of his age, Jerry doesn’t understand how the internet works but I told him I would record him singing his song and share it on social media in hopes of someone from her campaign team finding it and showing Hillary."

Clearly, Jerry has put some thought into his little ditty and his enthusiasm and energy are on full display. You may not like Clinton, but we dare you to not like this guy. If we're half as spry when we're 93, we'll be pretty excited.

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