I can't say I've ever wanted to join the mile-high club the way most people do. A sweaty romantic entanglement in a small dirty bathroom on an airplane cruising at 30,000 feet just doesn't seem like a fun experience. I can't say the way this one couple tried to achieve that milestone is any more attractive to me.

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Ok, I'll admit, it might be a voyeuristic thrill, or at least mildly amusing, to witness some couple try to achieve that goal from the relative discomfort of my seat during a long, boring, flight. See how they handle that walk of shame back down the aisle after doing the deed. Yet, anything more than that is a hard pass for me.

So I was rather surprised to read that one couple decided they'd try to join the mile-high club by making love on the Giant Ferris Wheel at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. Where they went wrong is other riders got to see them do it, including children.

According to the Sandusky Register, police were called to the Giant Wheel at Cedar Point, just after 8:30 PM Sunday night, August 14. Apparently, a 32-year-old Ohio woman had sex with a 23-year-old Florida man on the ride, and two women and two children, unfortunately, had a front-row seat to the couple's amorous activities.

At first, the couple denied their less than wholesome romantic activity on the ride, while claiming the woman had dropped her cigarettes and the couple was bending over to retrieve them. Eventually, the couple admitted to having sex after police told them of the witnesses.

What I'd like to know is, how could you even get into position to do it without rocking the gondola? I don't know about you, but the rocking gondola would freak me out too much to even think about getting my freak on. I don't even care that today's Ferris Wheels with their enclosed gondolas seem much safer than the kind of Ferris Wheel that turned me off from riding them at the church carnival years ago.

Ya know the kind I mean. There wasn't a gondola. It was more of a seat and a foot well attached to the wheel with a lap bar that held you in the seat. I rode one once with a girlfriend with the idea of stealing a kiss during the ride. That didn't happen. When we got near the top and the ride was starting and stopping to change riders in the other seats, our seat started to swing, and anytime one of us rearranged our butts in the seat to get more comfortable it swung more and slightly forward.

So there was no stolen kiss, we didn't even hold hands. I was white-knuckling it hanging onto the lap bar in front of me trying not to let my girlfriend know how freaked out I was. While I expect today's gondolas to take a little bit of the fear out of riding them for people like me since they're more enclosed, I still ask the question, how the heck did this couple manage it?

In my mind, there's moving, one person sort of getting on top of the other, thrusting, that kind of thing... that would really rock a gondola. Of course, maybe they meant the kind of act, one in which one sitting next to another in a gondola might be able to engage with only a little bit of bending over and twisting. Not overly rocking the gondola. An act that one might also think a somewhat enclosed gondola might give them privacy to do. At this point, I'm engaging in prurient speculation. So we'll leave it here.

The amorous couple was arrested for public indecency, and according to the Sandusky Register, have been charged with enhanced first-degree misdemeanors.

I do have one last question. Think they enjoyed their post-ride cigarette?

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