I am all about sleeping in the most comfortable way possible.  Wherever that happens to be.  I had family members who had an ability to sleep almost anywhere and in any position.  I truly don't know how they did it.

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Now I come to you dog owners out there.  Have any of you had a dog, that would sleep in the most unusual way?  I mean, you would look at your dog and think, "How in the world can they sleep like that?"

Now for many of us who have owned a dog, you may have purchased a dog bed for them.  This way, they have a comfortable place to claim as their own, that isn't your furniture, or your bed, and they can get some sleep while you are away.  Apparently, a few young entrepreneurs think you need this...for adults!

The video above has gone viral and it is introducing us to the "Plufl".  An oversized dog bed for adults.  If these guys end up on Shark Tank, I will not be surprised.   The two guys behind it say they're both big nappers.  One of them recently saw a custom bed that a friend made for their Great Dane, and realized it was almost big enough for a person to sleep on. They're described as dog beds made to human standards, with memory foam and an ultra-soft, fake fur cover.  Hence...the "Plufl".  If this is something that interests you, you can click HERE for the Kickstarter kink.

These will not be cheap.  It may end up costing you close to $500.  But you could get it before Christmas.  So...who is buying one?

Update:  They did end up on Shark Tank and secured a deal with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban.  Now you may want to get one for sure! Click their Facebook page HERE.

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