If there's ever a time to try and capture our youth's attention either in the classroom or at home, this may be it.

Educators are always scrambling to find content for their students. With more children being home-schooled this may be a blessing for parents. For educators in the classroom it could be just another piece of the puzzle to keep the interest of kids as Spring approaches.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is offering a virtual One Health series in the upcoming weeks. With kids getting outdoors even more because of the coronavirus, connecting with nature is on the rise. Many have spent more time in the outdoors since the options of "What-to Do" has diminished.

The series of virtual presentations will include five programs. According to MDC State Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Sherri Russell:

“The health of people is connected to, even dependent on the health of animals and the environment. Therefore, it is vital to solve the interconnected challenges in all three of these areas.”

Five presentations are scheduled in March, April and May. The series will consist of five 60-minute virtual sessions, each focused on a unique topic. Seminars will take place 3:45–4:45 p.m. on Tuesdays this spring:

  • March 2
    Preventing the next pandemic: One Health solutions
    MDC State Wildlife Veterinarian
    Sherri Russell
  • March 23
    Trees Work: A One Health campaign rooted in Missouri
    MDC Natural Resources Communications Specialist
    Holly Dentner
  • April 13
    Physiological responses to contaminants in a One Health context
    MDC Ecotoxicology and Conservation Physiology Program Coordinator
    Katrina Knott
  • May 4
    Toxic algae: Working together to keep nature and people healthy
    MDC Water Pollution Biologist
    Becca O’Hearn
  • TBD
    One Health connections between urban agriculture, pollinators, and human health
    MDC Urban Wildlife Biologist
    Erin Shank

Educators are invited to register for the free presentations via MDC’s online Teacher Portal at nature.mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/teacher-portal/teacher-workshops.

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