Today I was reminded of a few things,   in talking with some friends that are in college that they are preparing for Finals week.   If you were to ask me what Finals week is today,   I would think who is playing for the Stanley Cup Finals or NBA Finals Championship. Those would be incorrect as to what some of my friends are talking about and they would fail the test and maybe not graduate from college.  Instead they are talking about putting the pen to paper and trying to pass those classes.    I recall many nights staying up late and cramming as best one can and then wake up and hit the books.  I think I tried every play in the book back then,  sleeping with the book in hand, as if you'd absorb the information, or place it under the pillow, or the old study groups.  I remember that for that whole week, the partying would come to an end and the books would be open.  In some of my classes, students would even show up for class again.   Bottom line is that while I am far removed from those days, I sure hope those taking tests, do well.     Whatever the study method is,   I hope it works and by all means if you take a test and the multiple choice is there,  when in doubt Choose C:)

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