The world's premier form of enclosed off road motorcycle racing will be in Kansas City before we know it!With man-made dirt tracks filled with obstacles AMSOIL Arenacross is a sport known for the jumps and turns that leave fans amazed.   Riders will cover about 30 feet per second on a layout that has tight turns and challenging obstacles.  And these aren't little bikes, either - each bike weighs about 230 pounds!  You won't believe how these huge motorcycles can go so fast, either.  A typical race is about seven minutes, and riders are totally pushing themselves to the absolute limit the entire time! That means these guys aren't just like the rest of us - they really need to have the physical ability and stamina.  The requirements are not unlike a combo of bull riding and bicycling - either way, it's out of my league.   I got to talk with the former Miss Arenacross and Former Professional Miss Motorcross Competitor Lindsey Scheltema about the race and what you need to know before hand and about the sport itself - what it can offer fans and future racers.

So as someone who was a motorcross racer herself for more than a decade, nobody knows this sport like Lindsey!  The AMSOIL Arenacross will be here in 2015, so check out more information about tickets, times and places at their website.

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