Who in the heck is Spirit Airlines? Well, they are officially the fourth airline to start charging customers to bring aboard carry-on luggage, in this case $100.

In fact, all of this madness just so happens to go into effect on Election Day of all days. And according to Misty Pinson, a spokesperson for the airline, implementing the new fee on such a high-profile day was merely a coincidence: "We absolutely do not want this news to be buried and have been actively working to make sure our customers are aware of this change, including emails to our customers and signs posted at our airports. What's most important is that we truly do not want any of our customers to have to pay $100 for their bag."

So, why threaten to charge $100 for a carry-on if you do not actually want to impose such a fee? "The fee is intentionally set high to encourage customers to reserve their bags in advance, and it is meant to deter customers from waiting until they get to the boarding gate," said Pinson. "When customers wait until the boarding gate, this delays the boarding process for everyone."

With holiday travel just around the corner, the good news is that this fee will not be charged to people already booked with Spirit Airlines. Yet, if you plan to use the airline and still haven’t booked your flight, you might need to factor in a little extra scratch to cover that carry-on of yours.

Representatives from Spirit added that their “Bring Less, Pay Less” program is a way to pass along the cost of handing bags to those with bags rather than requiring everyone to absorb these costs.

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