I find when having kids, I often think of the simplicity of what it was like being a kid.  Today I found myself in a store, when I go down the snack aisle and encounter Swiss Rolls.   It has been a long time since I've had one and thought, "I bet the kids will enjoy this."

After playing my son in a couple games of Mario Cart on the Wii, I decided it was time to unleash the Swiss Rolls.  My son says he has never had them, (I should explain we're normally a Cup Cake family, or lately Twinkie, or chocolate in general). So he takes a small bite and then next thing I know he devoured it. My daughter did the same.

It reminded me of my brother and I playing Nintendo back in the day and when he needed a pick me up,  Swiss Rolls always did the trick, that and Fruit Roll Ups or Fruit Wrinkles.  Of course they asked, "Can we have more?" So I know they enjoyed it.

My question to you is: what dessert snack did you most enjoy when you were a kid?