In the past 24-36 hours I have noticed some posts made by mothers on Facebook in regards to RSV-Respiratory Syncytial Virus. The moms had stated in their post that their children were diagnosed with RSV. Across the state there have been reports of higher cases of RSV so it's not only COVID cases that are on the upswing in the Show-Me-State.

RSV more commonly prevails with young children and the elderly, and the odd thing with this surge in reported cases is that it usually occurs more during the winter months, i.e., during the normal flu season when temperatures are cooler.

According to a report on, due to lung development RSV can be deadly for children under the age of two. Neal DeWoody, an infection prevention coordinator with CoxHealth, says in the story:

”Its a respiratory virus similar to our sars cov-2, which is the one that causes COVID-19”

The reason why RSV is tougher on children under the age of two, their lungs are smaller and haven't developed fully. The virus attaches to the bronchial tubes, which in turn makes it harder for the kids to breath due to the inflammation.

So if you have a child that has symptoms of RSV and/or COVID-19, how do you know which on it is? According to information from medical sources, both can cause runny noses, fever and a cough. Usually, children with coronavirus have mild symptoms. Children with RSV are more cranky, more trouble in breathing (wheezing) and sometimes they will experience appetite loss. In either case, if you feel your child might have one of the two, consult advice from a doctor.

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