A handful of residents complained to Sedalia City Council Monday night about an alleged drug house in the 700 block of Osage.

Connie Hankins said there is a problem with nightly drug traffic in the area, and she requested help in “moving these people away.”

Mayor John Kehde assured Hankins that he is well aware of the problem. “The property owner is the problem,” he asserted.

Hankins brought photos with her that show the area in question and handed them to Council members to pass around.

In addition, another resident complained about wild dogs in the 200 block of Henry. “They will attack you,” she said.

Another property located on Clay Street has about 20 vehicles sitting on it. But the only activity she sees takes place occurs in the overnight hours.

Also, complaints were voiced about a property at Johnson and Moniteau with overgrown weeds.

City Administrator Kelvin Shaw thanked the residents for their concerns and asked to keep the photos for a while to allow time to study the situation. He also urged them to speak with Sedalia Police Chief Matt Wirt.

One woman complained about not getting results. “Nothing was ever done. It's a mess.”

Shortly after that, another resident approached Council and complained about graffiti in Sedalia, especially in the downtown area. John Masters said he complained publicly about it six months ago, “But it's still there,” he said. It's a blight. Nobody likes it.”

The complaints were aired at the end of Monday night's 105-minute meeting during the good and welfare portion of the agenda.

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