Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft issued the following statement regarding upcoming elections in the state of Missouri.

“I know these are difficult times for all of us. There is a great deal of uncertainty and understandable concern. Among those concerns are the upcoming elections that provide us all an opportunity to have a say in our government leadership.

“I want to reassure Missouri voters that their upcoming municipal elections will be run securely and safely, and that I have an open, ongoing dialogue with your local election authorities. We have been actively planning and discussing different scenarios that may occur over the next several weeks.

“This is not just business as usual. We all understand the ramifications of the potential spread of COVID-19 (Wuhan coronavirus), particularly to Missourians who are over age 60 and those with conditions that make them more susceptible to severe symptoms. Your local election authorities are working very hard to ensure your right to vote is not limited, and that in-person voting is safe and secure.”

If you have questions, please contact your local election authority or the Office of the Secretary of State toll-free at (800) 669-8683.

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