The Eli Young Band have been a solid presence on our airwaves for a few years now, bringing us hit after hit song.  They've been to the Missouri State Fairgrounds before on the Pepsi Grandstand, and now they're back for the big Friday show with Jake Owen.They've been working together since their days in college in Texas.  Since 2005 they've had a lot of success on country radio, with "Always the Love Songs", "Radio Waves", "Guinevere", "Say Goodnight", "Even if it Breaks Your Heart", "Drunk Last Night", "Crazy Girl", and the new single, "Dust".  I got to talk to Chris Thompson, the drummer of Eli Young Band, about their new album, the tour season, and what they're going to be bringing to the Pepsi Grandstand.

So make sure to get your tickets to the Eli Young Band and Jake Owen for Friday, August 15 at the Missouri State Fair.  Check out their website for other updates on the new music and other tour dates.

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