Principal Baruti Kafele addresses the male population of Smith-Cotton High School on Wednesday in the Heckart Performing Arts Center. Kafele, a nationally renowned education leader, encouraged the students to make their circle of influences positive and exclusive.

Principal Baruti Kafele, a nationally acclaimed education leader known for transforming the attitudes of at-risk student populations, addressed the male students of Smith-Cotton Junior High and Smith-Cotton High School on Wednesday, Sept. 3, sharing a message of personal empowerment and aspiration. 

During the high school session in the Heckart Performing Arts Center, Kafele said the adage that “attitude determines altitude is old, but it is real.” He encouraged the young men to remain positive about their potential and to make the right decisions to create opportunities for personal success.

“Handle your business in the classroom,” Kafele said. “Develop you, build you – and that starts in the classroom. The classroom is the laboratory for who you are.” 

He encouraged the students to find their purpose, set goals and determine a roadmap to achieve success. 

“You were not born to fail,” Kafele said. “You were born to be successful. Believe in yourself.”

(Courtesy of Sedalia School District)