I grew up here in Sedalia. When we were kids, every year we looked forward to the Missouri State Fair. Part of what we looked forward to were the Firetrucks and, well, of course, Otto. If you don't know who Otto is, or if you haven't met Otto at least once in your childhood, then I apologize to you for the sad and horribly deprived life you led.

Otto is one of the best things for a kid at the Fair.  Otto is, well, a talking car.  He talks to the kids about safety and responsibility.  He's right next to where the Highway Patrol are camped out, and you can usually see a few Firetrucks nearby, so it's great for the little ones.

Definitely make your way over to that side of the Fairgrounds. Yes, the rides and the corn dogs are important, but this kind of moment will build a memory your kid will always keep. I know I did.

Otto's Biggest Fan,