Guys, you know around this time of year it's just a schosh bit chilly.And a lot of times, when it's chilly... you want chili, amiriiiite?  Sorry.  I'll see myself out.

No, for real, you and I both know a nice warm soup around this time of year is just perfect.  I will at some point make a chili (I put chorizo in mine, stay tuned), but I wanted to try to make something that would use up some stuff I have, and maybe be a little bit on the healthier side.  I found this recipe online for..... wait for it...... Asparagus Soup.

I know, I know.  You're probably ready to throw up your hands and drop your phone to the couch in frustration with me.  You're probably shaking your head, thinking that you would never, ever try that in a million years even if someone asked you nicely and gave you a fiver for your trouble.

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BUT.  Bear with me.  'Cos it was PDG, you guys.  That stands for Pretty Darn Good, if you didn't know.  Come with  me on this journey, maybe you'll want to try it too!

First, it was time to Avengers Assemble the ingredients.


Heavy cream, chicken broth, lemon zest, basil, parsley, onions, tarragon (had to buy that, I didn't have any) and the start of the show, asparagus.  YES I KEEP THEM IN LITTLE MASON JARS IN MY FRIDGE.  It keeps them for longer, and they don't go and get all mushy.  Doubt me? Try it and report back.  Make sure you put a little water in the bottom of the jar. Oh, and the recipe said to add some peas in at the end, but I had a bag of frozen soybeans so I decided to use that instead.  'Cos I had it already, you see. I bet you could swap it out for whatever, like maybe if you had some cooked edamame or something, that might work.


First of all, gotta melt that butter.  Or I guess you could use some other kind of oil agent thing, I just went for the classic - hotter, sweeter, cooler, butter.


Now the recipe just says to use a medium onion.  But I didn't want to buy another onion knowing full well I almost always have green onions in my fridge.  So I just cut up a few of those and went with that.


Parsley, basil, and tarragon.  Oh, and I did a little lemon zest.  Anybody know a good way to get the last little nubs out of the grater before you have to wash it?  There seems to be a wasted, lemony opportunity there.  Anywaaaay.  Add your veggies, chicken stock, and you let it do its thing for about ten.  Then you add in the herby goodness and move to your blender.


This is the hardcore, original mama.  This thing is probably a 1980's classic.  Or maybe even '70's.  This blender is full, heavy glass.  It's been in the kitchen so long I didn't know if it would work.  But it it DID.  So anyway, you add your veggies and stock and stuff in batches and blitz it up.  You add in about a cup of heavy cream this point.


Then, warm it through again til you're ready to scarf it down. For me, this needed some more seasoning (I like my pepper), so I S&P'd the heck out of it and toasted up some bread to have with it.  It was pretty good! I would put that in a thermos all day long.

I bet you could sneak a little hot sauce in there, too, if you're feeling froggy.   What have you been cooking up lately?  Have you ever made your own homemade soups, or you a can/jar person?  What are some of your favorite chilly day soups?

Soupily yours,


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