It's time for New Year's resolutions . . . the one-week period where we all set goals for 2014, and somehow manage to break them by next Monday.

Or, will you? The big joke about New Year's resolutions is that they never succeed. Or, at least they succeed until about January 13th. But maybe people are better at keeping resolutions than we thought. According to a new nationwide survey, in the past five years, 57% of people who made a New Year's resolution to lose weight say they succeeded. And 36% of people who resolved to quit smoking say they succeeded. Almost one-third of Americans have made a resolution to lose weight since 2006. Losing between 10 and 30 pounds is the most popular goal . . . the second-most popular is losing 30 to 50 pounds. About two in five smokers say they've made a New Year's resolution to quit in the last five years.

The 10 most common New Year's resolutions people are making this year (even though only 12% of the people surveyed said they actually think they'll be able to stick to them) are:

1. Losing weight.

2. Improving your health.

3. Traveling more.

4. Asking for a raise.

5. Going on more dates.

6. Proposing or getting married.

7. Learning an instrument.

8. Going skydiving.

9. Learning how to surf or snowboard.

10. Climbing a mountain.

These seem like pretty lofty goals.  Do you have a New Year's resolution?  Tell me about what you might be trying to get done this year an why you want to do it!  If you don't like to make resolutions, tell me about why you decided not to.  We'll talk about both sides of the coin on the air, and you can get points and prizes for expressing yourself.

Resolution-ly yours,