I like interacting with you guys and asking you all sorts of different questions to just get a feel of how you're feeling.  This week on Enquiring Minds I've asked you guys all sorts of things - about your Father, about your vacations, and more! On Monday, I asked about the Father's Day we had on Sunday. I know for me, my Father is very practical.  He doesn't like for me to spend a lot of money on him for birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas, and the like.  So sometimes it can be hard to pick something to get for him!  I asked you about the gifts you gave your 'ol Dad.  What did you get your Father this year for Father's Day? If you're a Father, what did you get this year?

Gift certificates to Golden Corral!! And watched Royals baseball!

Oh boy, that seems to hit a lot of Dad pleasure points! Food AND baseball? Excellent.

New self propelled lawn mower and time with my son.

Aww, see, now this is a great practical and sentimental answer. Time with the family is always important!

Already told you.

Um, not sure what that one means. Maybe they filled out our poll, too? I don't know.

ANYWAY, moving on!

On Tuesday, I asked about your dream vacations. You guys definitely had some good ideas.  Myself, I don't really think I'll be travelling far anytime soon but I'd love to go and see something like Japan.  Boyfriendo wants to spend time going all around Europe.  And our survey participants?  You had your own ideas.

Wherever my kids are not.

Now ain't that the truth! Sometimes you just need a little break from the family.

Go out west to Montana to view the beautiful wildlife out there.  Problem is,  I wouldn't want to come back.

It is pretty hot and muggy here lately. I wonder if Montana gets humidity like us....

Taking my kids to Walt Disney World and my 15 year old getting to see Mickey Mouse.   My second would be one for me - going to Texas and seeing a Cowboys football game and Texas Stadium.

See, there you go! Take the family one place, and then treat yourself to a little something different.

On Wednesday, I asked you guys about your social media usage. I recently had to unfriend someone on Facebook. Have you unfriended someone on Facebook - and if so, why? Would you want to know why someone unfriended you on social media?

Yes, I unfriended a young lady due to her foul language.

This one is actually a pretty popular answer on this question. A lot of you have a problem with people who cuss too much.

Yes, I unfriended someone for foul language.  But I think everyone has right to choose friends.

That's another great point. But I think I would be curious! I'd want to know if someone had misunderstood me, or maybe taken something wrong to lead to unfriending.

I haven't unfriended anyone but I'd sure like to know why someone would do it to me!

Maybe there is no reason. Maybe we're all just too awesome for some people to take.

I was looking through the news this week and I saw a lot of talk about different trends in health and losing weight. Dr. Oz got in trouble with Congress over the weight-loss products he promotes on his show. He testified in front of the Senate consumer protection panel, and basically admitted that there's no scientific evidence that they work. But he still believes in them and uses them for himself. So I thought I'd ask you guys about your experiences with health fads. Have you ever tried a fad diet or health supplement? Did it work? Would you recommend it to someone else?

I made the mistake of taking Stacker 2's and I took them as directed.   After 2 days I couldn't sleep and it felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  All an all,  I believe it's just placebo effect on what works and what doesn't work.

Hmm. I've never heard of those, but I'll definitely remember your review of it.

 Yes, I have tried that all fruit and meat diet it worked pretty good.  But for me, cutting out the starches always works good. But diet pills... I have not found one that works yet.

That's the general consensus I get from a lot of the different answers. Most people agree that pills aren't really the answer.

I have tried fad diets and had no success. I have done Diet Center and had great success - but I don't consider it a fad diet.   I would highly recommend it.

Great! I'm glad to hear they're working out for you. It's always good to consult the local experts out there.

I love to read your answers to all of these different questions. Just because we're done for this week, don't think you still can't get the points! Join me again next week for our next round of Enquiring Minds, and weigh in with your opinions.  You can either fill out a survey, comment on a post, or comment on our Facebook. Fill out any or all of our polls and surveys and you could get some more points for great prizes, like our Bud Light Ultimate Backyard BBQ Giveaway.

Questioningly yours,

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