Every day here on our stations, I'm thinking about different ways to interact with you.  I know this whole radio thing isn't just me out there talking to myself.  So it's very important to me that I get your input on stuff!  That's what the weekly Enquiring Minds surveys are all about, picking your brain and seeing what you think about stuff. 

On Monday, I asked you guys about strange compliments you may have gotten - sometimes called "left handed compliments". You know, stuff people tell you that you aren't quite sure about like - "Nice Thumbs!" Ya'll definitely had some funny ones.

I had someone this week tell me I had the perfect barbie shape.

Yeah, that one is a little strange. Are they saying you're out of proportion? That you look like you have a huge head and unrealistically small feet? Who knows.

I was once told I had "perfect toes"! What the hell does that mean????

Maybe they were a secret foot fetishist? I dunno. Some people like toes, I guess!

Then on Tuesday I asked you guys about the chores you hate to do around the house. I've definitely got my own that I hate - don't get me wrong, I do them, but sometimes I try to get out of em.

I just absolutely hate washing dishes, I will trade someone any day of the week

I know what that one's like. I don't mind doing the dishes - but I HATE putting them away for some reason. I will let them sit in the dish drain til we use em again.

Definitely dusting!!!!

I don't mind dusting, but I do get a little squicked out when I start to think about what dust is. Apparently a lot of it is dead skin that falls off of our bodies. Ew.

There were several other answers too, like mopping, cleaning the bathroom, or some variant of that.

Then on Wednesday, I read a study that says that most people say they don't have road rage - but 85% of us show signs of it. So, do you ever get angry at someone while driving?

I'm usually a pretty quite driver but once in awhile, those truckers get my goat!!!

I'm always a little nervous to stay around a big rig for very long. My dad used to do that work, and told me about some of the things they do to avoid pulling over - like peeing in bottles. I don't wanna be there if they decide it's time to get rid of the bottle.

Every single day!!!! I hate some drivers

Well hey, at least you admit it. Maybe getting it out of your system is better than denying it.


Um, because I wanna know? I'm just trying to have a nice conversation with you. You know, to be entertaining on the radio and on the web by engaging our readers and listeners? It's a thing I try to do.

Then on Thursday, I asked you about yet another survey I read that says that most people think luck is essential to succeeding in business. So I wanted to ask you - do you believe in luck? Do you have lucky charms? Is there something that's happened to you that you attribute to luck?

Luck is a must have when playing golf. I always have my oldest Grandson draw for me or select the number for me or put my entry in the box if he is with me as I have pretty good ratios of winning when he does.

WHO KNEW? That's where my miniature golf game has gone astray, then....

Yes, I believe in luck because I am a lucky person. Co-workers tease me because I am always winning. I won the Jake Owen track seats for the concert at the fair. I was 1st caller and got it right first. I have three good luck charms I carry with me: one is a guardian angel coin, one is a prayer coin that says God always answers knee mail, and a heart someone gave me when I found out I had breast cancer. I am very blessed. These three coins go everywhere with me. I believe they carry powers from heaven to get me through my troubles.

Oh yes, I remember you! You were the one who picked the right seats out of all those numbers just like that! That is pretty darn lucky.

I found a laminated 4 leaf clover in my dad's billfold when he passed away that I carry with me everyday. I like to think it brings me luck and he is with me in a small way.

That's so nice. It's like a little memory you carry with you.

Anyway, that's it for this week's Enquiring Minds. But, I'll have a bunch of brand new ones next week, so come back and take some more surveys. Make sure you go back and take any of the other surveys you may have missed and you'll get points to win prizes!

Curiously yours,

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