This week's edition of Enquiring Minds was a little shorter on account of the holiday - but we certainly did get a lot of ground covered! On Monday I asked you guys about the little things you do to save money.

Talk someone else into buying the dinner, movie tickets or groceries. If you are female this is pretty easy.

Uh, I disagree. Let's just leave it at that.

I'm a stay at home mom who lives very well on only $18k/year. There's not much I DON'T do to save money. Every single penny that comes into my home is something I want to hold on to, so I'm very good at getting what I want free or super cheap. I'm not willing to sacrifice quality at all.

Wow, you're like a supermom over there! That's awesome, I'm glad you're making things work.

Don't give my husband any allowance.

On Wednesday, I asked you guys about the holiday decorations out there. I was wondering when you start putting up the stuff for whatever holiday. When is too early?

Halloween, maybe a week before and Christmas about 3 weeks if things go right. Easter about the day before. Valentine's - no decorations at home, but a Valentine and St. Pat's on my office door about 2 weeks before.   I prepare tax returns for a living so anything during tax season doesn't get much attention.

Yeah, I guess there aren't really any tax season decorations, are there? Maybe we should make some.

I'm actually probably going to start decorating today since I seen this!

There you go! See, I don't know if it's too early for Halloween, after all - there aren't really any decorating holidays in September. But I don't really like it when people decorate for Christmas after Halloween.

On Thursday, I asked you guys about the idea of a "flawless album".  The concept is basically this:  a perfect album with no filler is something you can listen to from beginning to end and not skip any songs.  So I asked you guys which albums you've enjoyed enough to put them in that category.


That one definitely makes it onto so many "best of" lists. That was probably Michael Jackson's best.

Jason Aldean - My kinda party.

I have heard that one is very good, as well. I know several of the singles, and I know that it's been a huge seller.


There's our cynic! I like to think you've got very exacting tastes, instead of a person who hasn't listened to much music.

For me, personally, the closest I think I've come to hearing a "perfect" album is The Beatles' Revolver. I don't know if every song is unskippable, but it's a pretty darn find album. Although I would also put The Avett Brothers' The Carpenter up there, too.

Make sure you join me next week for another round of questions about all sorts of different stuff.  You can take some of the old surveys and get points, and use them to win prizes.

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