Today's Enquiring Minds question is asking you about how much you need to know about your family. I guess this is good news if you’re a helicopter parent. LG Electronics unveiled a new water-resistant  wristband device Wednesday that allows moms and dads to track their kids with GPS and WiFi and receive updates about their child’s exact whereabouts throughout the day via a smartphone or tablet.  The device, dubbed the LG Kizon, is designed for the wrists of pre-school and primary school children and comes in bright colors and with various kiddie accessory features.  In addition to tracking your child’s every step, the device also provides communication via a “One Step Direct Call” button. If a parent calls their child and doesn’t get an answer, the device will automatically connect the call and let Mom and Dad listen in on what's going on via the device’s built-in microphone.  LG has not announced a price for the Kizon. The device will go on sale in North America in the fall.

What do you think about this?  Would you put this device on your kids?  I guess you'd have to get them to wear it, and they would have to keep it on, huh.  I guess this could be easily made for others, too - would you want something like this for a significant other?   Tell me all about it here in our survey and I'll share your answers on the air!

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