Whether you work early in the morning,  the "normal" nine to five, or are a nocturnal person - sometimes getting up can be difficult.  The bed is so warm, so comfy... your dreams were so nice.  The world seems so cold and harsh that it can definitely take some effort.For me, when I was a kid, I would try to sleep as long as possible. I would hit the snooze alarm so many times it wore out.  Now, I've been getting up early for a little over a year now - very early, in fact.  And it's gotten to the point now where I wake up sometimes before my alarm, look at the clock for a second, and debate myself on whether or not I should get up or just stay in bed until it starts beeping.  I started to wonder about you guys and what your habits were like when you wake up as well.  Does it take much to get you out of bed and going? Do you have to do anything in particular to wake up?  Tell me in the comments, in our survey, or on the phone at 826-9210 and I'll share your answers on the air!

Wakingly yours,


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