Big BAM on the Katy Trail rolled into Sedalia Monday for an overnight stay at Liberty Park.

BAM stands for Bike Across Missouri. A total of 175 bikers signed up for the event.

They stayed in Clinton the night before, stopped in Green Ridge for lunch, and the 175 bikers woke up to lighting, thunder and rain on Tuesday morning before traveling to Boonville.

Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Carolyn Crooker said that many bikers checked out the Katy Depot and visited the museum and gift shop during their stopover.

And at Liberty Park, tents were already set up and ready for and overnight stay. The bikers personal bags are trucked from one stop to the next and laid out on the ground for easy retrieval.

Showers were available to the bikers as well. Many were looking forward to swim at Liberty Pool and the Heckart Center.

Crooker noted that many are repeat BAM riders, but some are new to the Katy Trail ride and she welcomes that, and being able to tout the virtues of Sedalia to them.

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The BAM ride will end in St. Charles June 8.

Another Big BAM ride is scheduled for Oct. 6-12.

Big BAM Bikers

Gallery Credit: Randy Kirby

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