It was just a few weeks ago that Sam Mendes officially announced he wouldn't return to direct 'Bond 24' (what's more, he said the mere thought of returning to direct another James Bond film made him "physically ill") but producers aren't wasting any time finding a replacement. But how do you top 'Skyfall' - the biggest Bond film of all-time and a movie that made over $1 billion? You hire 'The Dark Knight' director Christopher Nolan.

Now before you get too excited, Christopher Nolan isn't confirmed to direct 'Bond 24' yet. But according to The Daily Mail, Bond producers have had "talks" with Nolan about directing 'Bond 24.' It all sounds great but the chance of it happening may be slim.

Nolan is currently prepping his next movie, 'Interstellar' with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, for a 2014 release. The 'Bond 24' producers want their film to hit theaters in 2015. So even if Nolan wants to direct a James Bond film (and he has previously stated that the Bond film completely inspired his filmmaking), his schedule may not allow it. But if Nolan were ever going to rush two films back-to-back, we think it would be for a James Bond movie so there is a chance it could happen. It's an outside chance, but it could happen.

As the article notes, "It does no harm for [producers] to talk with Nolan, even if nothing happens this time round." The key is "this time around." Nolan is a very busy guy and if they want him to direct a James Bond film, they may already be angling for 'Bond 25' when Nolan is done with 'Interstellar' and looking for his next film.

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