Bothwell Regional Health Center recently acquired Sedalia Internal Medicine Specialists located at 1712 S. Lafayette Ave.

Sedalia Internal Medicine Specialists is a pulmonary and nephrology clinic

“The decision to acquire Sedalia Internal Medicine Specialists came after careful consideration with the clinic physicians and our Bothwell internal medicine providers,” said Keith Morrow, vice president of clinic operations for BRHC. “We believe this combination is a great fit for everyone involved.”

A press release from Bothwell says changes will be minimal. Patients can see the same physicians and receive the same care. BRHC says the only thing to change is the name, which will be Bothwell Internal Medicine Specialists.

Bothwell Internal Medicine Specialists providers are Dr. William Woolery, M.D., who specializes in pulmonary disease, Dr. David Wuellner, M.D., a nephrology specialist, and Rene Boland, a clinical nurse specialist in adult health.

Ryan Skaith
Ryan Skaith

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