Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri was recently awarded $4,000 from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to expand its literacy programs at Sedalia Club Sites.

The funding is part of Dollar General’s award of nearly $2.6 million across the country to support students, libraries and nonprofit organizations.

“This grant is a phenomenal opportunity to get our kids to read more and improve their literacy and comprehension skills,” said Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Gary Beckman. “Literacy is paramount in gaining knowledge to set the stage for life-long learning and strong educational experiences.”

The funding will go toward purchasing materials and supplies for the Story Wizards Program, which focuses on the importance of storytelling while developing competence in reading comprehension. Story Wizards includes lessons on parts of a story, listening, fostering imagination, creating and writing stories and presenting stories to peers. Older members in middle school and junior high will also take part in lessons on short stories, storyboarding, creative writing, the importance of context and cultural considerations and digital storytelling.

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“We are proud to award these grants to literacy and education programs across the country and support their meaningful work of expanding children’s joy of reading and creating a foundation for future educational growth,” Executive Director of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, Denine Torr. “We are excited to make a difference in thousands of students’ lives through these donations and look forward to making more positive impacts as we celebrate the foundation’s 30th anniversary year.”

In the photo: Students at Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri read during the Story Wizards Program. BGC was the recent recipient of a $4,000 Dollar General Literacy Foundation grant that will go toward purchasing materials and supplies for the program.

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