For any rookie baseball player just entering the MLB, getting your first major league hit is a moment to remember. But when that moment gets its thunder stolen from you – by a mooning fan to boot – well, that’s quite something. It’s what happened to Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper, who only made his MLB debut with the team on April 28.

In a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, as the cameras zoomed in on 19-year-old Harper readying his third at-bat, a Dodgers fan quickly stood up and mooned from behind Harper. Check out the (possibly NSFW) video below and watch as Harper’s first big-hit takes a ‘crack’.

Although Harper struck the ball to the base of the center-field wall, all everybody kept asking was who the kid who flashed the cameras was. In fact, a mooning fan wasn’t the only incident this past baseball weekend. At an Orioles game, a shirtless streaker ran around the field until he was taken down – by the umpire. Yup, MLB season is in full swing alright. We can’t wait for Phillies fans to start weighing in.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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