Kansas City area investigators looking into the disappearances of a woman and a teenager nine years apart say they've taken bullets and other items from the home of a man considered a person of interest in at least one case.

Kylr Yust is charged with knowingly burning 21-year-old Jessica Runions' vehicle. She was last seen Thursday night.

Investigators haven't said whether Yust knows Runions.

Police say Yust is a person of interest in the 2007 disappearance of his ex-girlfriend, Kara Kopetsky. She was 17 when she vanished in 2007.

Yust has also spent time in jail for assaulting a pregnant then-girlfriend in 2011.

Court records show investigators with search warrants related to Runions' vehicle and a "missing persons investigation" seized two bullets from a home occupied by Yust, as well as clothing, hair, fingernail scrapings and swab samples from him.

Kylr Yust
Benton County Sheriff's Department

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