Folks, if you remember a while back, I got to talk with Barbara Cooney of Camp Blue Sky about all the new activities the kids would be getting into this summer. Well, the camp has been meeting all week long, and I went over to check it out for myself.  I started at the Stauffacher Center and made my way all around to the different buildings.


There are so many different things to do!  It's all spread out over the State Fair Community College campus, and it really is very diverse groups of kids.  Camp Blue Sky is a performing arts/fine arts day camp.  So the kids do all kinds of things like storytelling, theater, painting, crafts, sculpture, and music.  They also read a lot of different materials while making their own projects.

It's all centered around a theme geared towards looking at the future. It's called "Here Now, Create Tomorrow." So all the projects the kids do are centered around thinking about the future, technology, and advancements in science. It's definitely something great to see all those kids using their active, creative minds to create all sorts of wonderful things.

It was just as great to see all the adults.  Teachers, counselors, and volunteers were all working with the kids very closely to keep that creative spark going and encourage their curiosity.  I wandered around and took some photos of the kids in action, and here's the lowdown.

If you want to get involved in Camp Blue Sky through volunteering or a donation, or if you just want to find out more to maybe get your kids enrolled next year, visit their website. Or, if you would rather you can call Barbara Cooney at 660-826-6292, email them, or go to their Facebook page.

Artistically yours,

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