Can we talk pizza for a moment?  I didn't think you would mind.

I am from Illinois.  Lived just 40 minutes from Chicago most of my life.  And we Chicagoans, WE LOVE PIZZA!  And we know good pizza.  Chicago Style, Deep Dish, Stuffed, Thin.  All of it.  You have heard of chains like Lou Malnati's, Gino's East, Giordano's, Rosati's, Aurelio's, and Home Run Inn.  Those are just some of the name of pizza places that are recognized throughout the country.  And we need one of them to come to Sedalia.  Trust me.

Not that long ago, Rob asked you what food places we needed in this town.  We have Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns.  Some major chains there.  You know exactly what to expect from them.  There is a Papa Murphy's, a Mazzio's (nice buffet there with some nice options), a Fazoli's, and a few Casey's.  Casey's, I like.  Hand tossed dough, fresh toppings.  Papa Murphy's too.  If you drive to Columbia, you would know about Shakespeare's, which are also pretty good.  But if I am honest, none of these places can hold a candle to the Chicago places.

I was talking with my colleagues about styles of pizza.  The Chicago Deep Dish, with the sauces on top, or the stuffed, or even the Chicago style thin crust (which is a bit thicker than most).  You need to try it to understand what all the hype is about.

Now we can discuss toppings for pizza for another time.  Many of the chains that I shared have the options to order online and they will send you frozen pizza in the mail.  Packed in Dry Ice, and you pop them in your oven.  The options for toppings may be limited.  But once you try the pizza, with the crust and heavy toppings and the flavorful sauces, you will realize what you have been missing. If I order some as Christmas gifts for my co-workers, we will take pictures and make you jealous! If you have ever had Chicago style pizza, then you know Sedalia can support one.

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