So we have some more bad weather headed our way, and I've noticed this video floating around online. A man who identifies himself as Frankie MacDonald loudly and repetitively informs us of an impending winter storm in the state of Missouri, giving the details on how the storm is being caused, and warns us to be prepared. A lot of people are wondering what's the deal with this guy and why he cares so much about a storm in Missouri. So I did some research and found out a little more about Mr. MacDonald.

Frankie MacDonald is a 28-year-old with autism from Sydney, Nova Scotia, and he's a guy who just loves reporting the weather. He researches worldwide weather online and on TV, then records himself giving the reports on his Youtube channel. He's also on Facebook and Twitter. He's been doing it for while, and even though he's in Nova Scotia, he gives reports on weather hitting all over the world. It's a hobby of his that he just does for fun, and he says he enjoys the positive comments from people, and tries to ignore the negative ones.

Personally, I say good for him for doing something that he enjoys, and I also think it's pretty cool that Missouri made it on to his channel.

Thanks for the heads up Frankie, and I'll definitively make sure to stock up on Chinese food and pizza.

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