Tanner Carrick captured his first POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League feature victory at Saturday night's 7th annual Impact Signs Awnings and Wraps Open Wheel Showdown at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Carrick, a 16-year-old from Lincoln, California, started outside of row one and led all but one of 30 laps for a memorable victory.

"It feels awesome," a happy Carrick said in victory lane. "And there's going to be more."

Other winners on the program, which saw 108 open-wheel cars check into the pits, were Mitchell Moore (POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprints) and Logan Seavey (ASCS Warrior Region/Red River Region Winged Sprints). Seavey nearly pulled off a double, finishing second to Carrick in the evening's first feature.

Carrick lost the lead only for a few seconds, when veteran Jerry Coons slid past him coming out of turn four to complete lap nine. Carrick was back in front halfway through the next lap and was in command the rest of the way, his drive slowed only by three caution flags.

After the final re-start, just past the race's mid point, Keith Kunz Motorsports teammate Seavey pulled up alongside Carrick but was not able to make the pass.
Carrick drove away from there with Seavey winding up a distant second. Pole-sitter Ryan Robinson was third and another Kunz car, driven by Tucker Klaasmeyer, rallied from an 11th-starting position to finish fourth.

"I've been so close the last three or four weeks," Carrick said. "Tonight, I told everyone I was going to win it and I won it. I can't thank everyone enough on the team. We've had a ton of speed. I just haven't been able to capitalize and tonight I did."

Seavey said he did all he could, but was no match for his teammate.

Kenny Shaw
Kenny Shaw

"Overall, it was a good night," Seavey said. "We'd have liked to win. But Tanner was really good tonight. He ran a really good race and didn't make any mistakes."

Seavey's night got better a little later.

Seavey dominates in Winged Sprints: Seavey, while unable to pull off the POWRi Midget win, got the job done by leading all 25 laps of the ASCS Warrior/Red Region Winged Sprint feature.

"I hadn't run a winged car in almost two years," Seavey said. "This place has been pretty good to me. I won the Hockett (Memorial) here last year. This is my first time to win here in a Sprint car and it was really cool."

Mason Daniel rolled his car in turn four and Evan Martin slid into him, turning his car on its side, to bring out a red flat on lap seven. Seavey had worked his way into lapped traffic by then with more than a straightaway-margin lead over Nick Howard.

Seavey, of Sutter, California, pushed out to a comfortable lead after the restart before a lap 14 caution bunched the field, with Howard second and Alex Sewell in third. The scenario played out again, with a caution on lap 21 again wiping away a big Seavey lead to set up a four-lap sprint to the finish.

Howard was no match and settled for second with Taylor Walton in third.

Seavey said the cautions "didn't help me, but I was able to stick it on the restarts and take off."

Moore hangs on for POWRi WAR Sprint win: Mitchell Moore dominated most of the way, then had to fend off a last-lap charge from Riley Kreisel to prevail in the POWRi WAR Sprint feature.

Moore, from Edgerton, Kansas, bolted from his front-row starting spot and opened a four-second lead through 22 green-flag laps. But when Luke Howard spun in turn two to bring out the race's first caution, Moore's lead was wiped out and it put Korey Weyant right behind for a three-lap shootout.

Taking advantage of two lapped cars between first and second, Moore re-established command as Kreisel slid past Weyant and into second with two laps to go.

Kreisel made a big charge on the final lap, pressuring Moore with a low-side slide into turn three, but Moore was able to hang on for his eighth career win. Kreisel was second and Weyant finished third.

Moore said the win was special because it was his first at Lucas Oil Speedway and represented a strong showing after a poor one the last time he was here.

"Back when we used to be fast we almost won here several times," Moore said. "I always felt like one of these days we were gonna win one at Lucas Oil. At the Hockett Memorial last year, I missed the show here all three nights. I didn't know if it was me or the car. I was really starting to second-guess everything and was considering retirement.

"I guess we'll race a little longer."

Lucas Oil Speedway results (May 5, 2018)
7th annual Impact Signs Awnings and Wraps Open Wheel Showdown
POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League

A Feature - 1, Tanner Carrick. 2, Logan Seavey. 3, Ryan Robinson. 4, Tucker Klaasmeyer. 5, Jerry Coon Jr. 6, Joe B. Miller. 7, Karter Sarff. 8, Holly Shelton. 9, Jake Neuman. 10, Jonathan Beason. 11, Andrew Felker. 12, Blake Carrick. 13, Alex Sewell. 14, Sam Johnson. 15, Kyle Schuett. 16, Shelby Bosie. 17, Holley Hollan. 18, Ace McCarthy. 19, Zach Daum. 20, Kory Schudy. 21, Pat Schudy. 22, Hank Davis.
B Feature - 1, Zach Daum. 2, Jonathan Beason. 3, Alex Sewell. 4, Andrew Felker. 5, Hank Davis. 6, Sam Johnson. 7, Ethan Mitchell. 8, Tyler Vantoll. 9, Alison Slaton. 10, Presley Truedson. 11, Brendon Wiseley. 12, Hannah Adair. 13, Troy Simpson. 14, Paul Babich. 15, Emilio Hoover. 16, Luke Howard. 17, Grady Chandler DNS. 18, Zane Hendricks DNS. 19, Cannon McIntosh DNS. 20, Jason Wells DNS.
Heat 1 - 1, Karter Sarff. 2, Jake Newman. 3, Holley Hollan.4 , Kory Schudy. 5, Shelby Bosie. 6, Sam Johnson. 7, Ethan Mitchell. 8, Brendon Wiseley. 9, Jason Wells.
Heat 2 - 1, Logan Seavey. 2, Joe B. Miller. 3, Kyle Schuett. 4, Pat Schudy. 5, Alison Slaton. 6, Troy Simpson. 7, Grady Chandler. 8, Zane Hendricks. 9, Emilio Hoover.
Heat 3 - 1, Tanner Carrick. 2, Ryan Robinson. 3, Zach Daum. 4, Blake Carrick. 5, Jonathan Beason. 6, Tyler Vantoll. 7, Paul Babich. 8, Hannah Adair. 9, Luke Howard.
Heat 4 - 1, Jerry Coons Jr. 2, Tucker Klaasmeyer. 3, Ace McCarthy. 4, Alex Sewell. 5, Holly Shelton. 6, Andrew Felker. 7, Hand Davis. 8, Presley Truedson. 9, Cannon McIntosh.

Kenny Shaw
Kenny Shaw

POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprints
Feature - 1, Mitchell Moore. 2, Riley Kreisel. 3, Korey Weyant. 4, Wyatt Burks. 5, Mario Clouser. 6, Joe B. Miller. 7, TJ Artz. 8, Quinton Benson. 9, Mitchell Davis. 10, Craig Carroll. 11, Logan Faucon. 12, Anthony Nicholson. 13, Kaitlynn Leer. 14, JD Black. 15, Ty Hulsey. 16, Luke Howard. 17, Chris Parkinson. 18, Zach Clark. 19, Danny Smith. 20, Slater Helt.
B Feature - 1, Kaitlynn Leer. 2, Anthony Nicholson. 3, Zach Clark. 4, Quinton Benson. 5, Terry Richards. 6, Bradley Ryan, 7, Jack Wagner, 8, Brian Beebe, 9, Brad Wyatt, 10, Vinny Ward.
Heat 1 - 1, Mitchell Moore. 2, Logan Faucon. 3, Chris Parkinson. 4, TJ Artz. 5, Terry Richards. 6, Zach Clark. 7, Samuel Wagner. 8, Quinton Benson. 9, Austin Sears. 9, Kory Schudy.
Heat 2 - 1, Craig Carroll. 2, Korey Weyant. 3, Luke Howard. 4, Joe B. Miller. 5, Ty Hulsey. 6, Wade Seiler. 7, Steve Mahannah. 8, Ryan Kent. 9, Michael Tyre. 10, Christie Thomason.
Heat 3 - 1, Slater Helt. 2, Wyatt Burks. 3, Riley Kreisel. 4, Kaitlynn Leer. 5, Anthony Nicholson. 6, Bradley Ryan. 7, Brian Beebe. 8, Kenny Potter. 9, Casey Bierman.
Heat 4 - 1, Mitchell Davis. 2, Mario Clouser. 3, JD Black. 4, Danny Smith. 5, Vinny Ward. 6, Brad Wyatt. 7, Jack Wagner. 8, Braydon Cromwell. 9, Frank Rogers.
ASCS Warrior/Red River Winged Sprints
A Feature - 1, Logan Seavey. 2, Nick Howard. 3, Taylor Walton. 4, Alex Sewell. 5, Miles Paulus. 6, Tony Bruce. 7, Tyler Thomas. 8, Jonathan Cornell. 9, Sean McClelland. 10, Austin Alumbaugh. 11, Shayle Bade. 12, Cody Baker. 13, Ayrton Gennetten. 14, Lance Norick. 15, Curtis Evans. 16, Morgan Turpen. 17, Randy Martin. 18, Mason Daniel. 19, Evan Martin. 20, Kyle Bellm.
B Feature - 1, Tyler Thomas. 2, Mason Daniel. 3, Kyle Bellm. 4, Randy Martin. 5, Tyler Blank. 6, Branson Hanks. 7. Terry Gray. 8, Fred Mattox. 9, Kyle Clark. 10, Cannon McIntosh. 11, Jake Greider. 12, J.R. Topper. 13, Jack Potter. 14, Danny Thomas. 15, Aidan Roosevans. 16, Bailey Elliott. 17, Kevin Brewer.
Heat 1 - 1, Logan Seavey. 2, Austin Alumbaugh. 3, Curtis Evans. 4, Nick Howard. 5, Terry Gray. 6, J.R. Topper. 7, Jake Greidger.
Heat 2 - 1, Shayle Bade. 2, Alex Sewell. 3, Lance Norick. 4, Morgan Turpen. 5, Mason Daniel. 6, Kyle Clark. 7, Branson Hanks. 8, Fred Mattox. 9, Jack Potter.
Heat 3 - 1, Tony Bruce Jr. 2, Jonathan Cornell. 3, Ayrton Gennetten. 4, Evan Martin. 5,
Sean McClelland. 6, Kyle Bellm. 7, Tyler Blank.
Heat 4 - 1, Miles Paulus. 2, Taylor Walton. 3, Cody Baker. 4, Randy Martin. 5, Tyler Thomas. 6, Cannon McIntosh. 7, Danny Thoman.

Next up: NMI/VMG Marketing Group and Wild Animal Safari team up to present the Big Adventure RV Weekly Racing Series on Saturday, May 12. The Pitts Homes USRA Modified division will be featured, running a special 25-lap, $1,000-to-win main event. The Warsaw Auto Marine & RV ULMA Late Models, Big O Tires Street Stocks and the Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mods also will be in action.

As it will be Mother's Day Weekend, all Moms will be admitted FREE courtesy of NMI/VMG Marketing Group.

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In the top photo: Sixteen-year-old Tanner Carrick in victory lane after winning the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League feature at Saturday night's 7th annual Impact Awnings Signs and Wraps Open Wheel Showdown. With him are Julie and David Goodson.

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