I Still Think Cedar Makes for My Favorite Christmas Tree
Through my many years of Christmas' I've seen quite a few trees. Being raised in the country, living on a farm until I was five, and living in a small town for most of my childhood years, I still think those years of having a cedar tree adorning our house for Christmas is my favorite.
It's Tough Losing a Friend
Losing someone is tough. No, I am not talking about being in a store and you wander off to another aisle and can’t be found or you can’t find that person that you came with. I’m talking about losing a relative and/or a friend to death.
Cold Weather Rule is Now in Effect in Missouri.
As we enter the Fall and Winter months, a rule to help many across the state has gone into effect. The rule prevents utility companies from disconnecting someone's heat if the temperature is predicted to drop below 32 degrees during the following 24 hour period. It also allows customers to work…

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