During last week's NFL Draft, Kansas City Chiefs' head coach Andy Reid was noticeably dressed-down in a flowery shirt that may have been visible from space.

This week, Reid finally divulged the brand and reason behind his casual draft day attire: he wears Tommy Bahama shirts because of their food cloaking capabilities.

"You know what, over on the Plaza [in Kansas City] there's a Tommy Bahama shop. There's a lady over there who took care of me, the manager of the store over there, " Reid said.


"She heard the story about the Tommy Bahama shirts and she sent that one over to me without any fanfare or anything. I appreciated that. ...You wear them and you can hide cheeseburgers underneath and no one will ever know."

So, while the rotund Reid was busy introducing tackle Eric Fisher, the first-overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, to the press, he was also able to have lunch and keep a late-night snack handy.

Let's just hope for the sake of Chiefs' fans that Reid doesn't start making the decisions on the team's uniforms. It could get ugly quick.