The Kansas City Chiefs won't be heading to St. Joseph for training camp this year. And most NFL teams that train away from home before the season won't be going anywhere either. Around the NFL writer Adam Shook says that the NFL Network's Mike Garafolo  reported that the NFL "informed its 32 clubs that training camps will be conducted only at team facilities this season."

Of course, this is due to COVID-19 and an attempt to keep players healthy going into the 2020-2021 season. Shook also cites NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, who got a hold of the memo, which outlaws joint team practices this year.

So what does it mean for the teams? Not much. Shook says in his article the main benefits teams get from holding training camp away from their cities is the ability to have more field space for their expanded 90 man rosters, and easily accessible lodging for those players. As for the fans, they benefit a little more with easier access to players and coaches.

Coming off a Super Bowl Championship I think it's a little bittersweet for both players and fans. Training camp would be one last opportunity for fans to soak up the championship season and maybe get a chance to meet their hero and get an autograph before the grind of the season starts.

I'm not saying this can't happen at Arrowhead during the season. But it's different. It's a different kind of vibe. The players will be in game mode. And the fans will want to see victories. Training camp is a little different, especially or those not fighting for a job. Sure there's hard work, but it's a little looser. And there's just a different vibe. It's a bummer that won't happen this year. Of course, all the Chiefs need to do is repeat as Super Bowl winners and we can all experience it next year. Problem solved.

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