In an effort to assist the City of Sedalia snow removal during the upcoming snow
season, Neighborhood Services and the Sedalia Police Department will be increasing their efforts to alleviate abandoned motor vehicles on city streets.

The City of Sedalia will also focus on illegally parked vehicles on private property.

These efforts will target vehicles being stored on city streets that are:
 Disabled or obviously inoperable.
 Not currently licensed.
 Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Trailers, and other equipment that are in violation of Municipal

Parking Ordinances.
 Otherwise not in compliance with Municipal Parking Ordinances.
These efforts will target vehicles being stored on private property that are:
 Disabled or obviously inoperable.
 Parked on unimproved areas of yards.
 Not currently licensed.

The goal will be to remove problem vehicles from the streets before they become snow bound and are more difficult to remove for proper street clearing. In most cases the vehicles will be tagged and there will be an opportunity for owners to remove them before they are impounded. Certain vehicles that are declared “nuisance per se” by Municipal Code can be removed without notice to the owner.

The increased attention to abandoned motor vehicles will begin the week of Jan. 6. Residents with vehicles that are not in compliance with city code are encouraged to move vehicles, license vehicles or otherwise attain compliance with city code.

Getty Images/iStockphoto