Charles Ramsey took the world by storm and became a viral sensation after he rescued three missing women who were held captive in Cleveland for over a decade. One tattoo artist decided to capitalize on the popularity of the hometown hero Charles Ramsey. Cleveland tattoo artist Rodney Rose decided to offer a free Ramsey tattoo at his shop, 252 Tattoo in Cleveland. It didn't take long for Rodney's friend Stephen Munhollon to call and ask if the offer was still on the table.

While getting a tattoo of a man's face because it's free is never a good idea, how can you go wrong with a Ramsey tattoo? It looks like Munhollon's body art selection can't get any worse than what looks to be a Chuck Norris tattoo below Ramsey. Anyways, it will always be a good conversation starter, and in 20 years you can remind everyone how great Ramsey was.

We all love the good guy, and we all love the good guy more when he is Charles Ramsey. Who wasn't impressed by the heroic behavior of Charles Ramsey? Charles was calm, cool, and collective, not to mention hilarious, without even trying. He will forever remain a hero in many people's eyes and his news interviews and 911 phone call will continue to rack up YouTube views as well.