The Missouri Department of Transportation will reduce northbound and southbound traffic to one lane on the Route 65 Bridges over Flat Creek beginning May 4 to install median crossovers south of both bridges.

Due to the age and condition of these bridges, they require rehabilitation so that they can continue to serve motorists for decades to come. More than 7,000 vehicles cross this stretch of U.S. 65 each day.

These median crossovers are being installed to prepare for deck replacement and repairs on both bridges. While the northbound bridge is being repaired both lanes on the northbound bridge will be closed and traffic will be reduced to one lane both directions on the southbound bridge.

MoDOT plans to have the northbound bridge completed by Aug. 13 so that all lanes on both bridges will be open for the Missouri State Fair. After the fair, MoDOT will close both lanes on the southbound bridge for deck replacement and repairs. During that time both lanes will be closed on the southbound bridge and traffic will be reduced to one lane in both directions on the northbound bridge.

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