Sedalia City Council conducted its business in 30 minutes Monday night on the first day of February.

The first order of business was to present building maintenance worker Richard Linderman for five years of service. Six other service award recipients did not attend Monday night's meeting.

Council renewed a one-year contract with Shi International for NetMotion Mobility software that enables remote connections to an internal network that allows Police, Fire and IT to access programs and data while on the road. The cost of the renewal was $3,345.

Council also renewed a one-year contract with Logic, Inc., for “AVEVA Wondeware” software for use in the City's wastewater treatment plants, at a cost of $2,836.

A single bid was received for a request for proposals concerning sewer main extension work along 28th street on the east side of Ohio. S & A Equipment and Builders was that bidder, but it came in at a much higher than anticipated cost. Staff and engineers worked with the contractor to change the construction method from boring to open trench to reduce the cost, which ultimately settled down to $74,9921.50. Council approved.

The Council entered into an agreement one year ago with Foster Brothers Wood Products to sell them mulch at $100 per load. However, the quality of the mulch is quite a bit lower now since it is wet and deteriorating with age. Staff recommended lowering the price to $50 per load for the next six months. Council agreed.

Council was notified that Blue Nile Contractors, Inc., defaulted on their contract. The company had been performing work at 3rd and Engineer to install a 16-inch main. But as of Jan. 21, all work came to a halt and all workers have pulled off the construction site. A conference with Blue Nile and the bonding companies has been requested.

And finally, under Community Development, Council approved an ordinance placing five architectural firms on call for various neighborhood redevelopment projects. Those firms include Great River Engineering and Torgerson Design Partners; ReEnvision, LLC; Robert Rollings Architects, LLC and SFS Architecture; Powell CWM, Inc.; and Esser Architecture-Design AIA.

Council then adjourned to closed-door session. City Council meets again Feb. 15. The public is invited, but encouraged to wear a mask and social distance.

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